Monday, March 31, 2008

Clean Smell

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of a clean house. The aroma of mixed cleaning agents, swirling in the air, sends some kind of euphoric message to my brain. You would think that I would clean all day, every day because of this. Well I don't. I'm like any other sane stay at home mom and go through phases. I'll clean my house whole house, top to bottom, one day. Then I go 4 days without so much as touching the dishes. Why? That's the ultimate question isn't it?
Today, I actually had the desire to clean, because I knew how good I would feel afterward. I only got half the house done (in 3 hours!), but it's the half that visitors might see. If I do what I should do, I will clean the other half tomorrow.
Of course, as any house with kids living in it, not even a minute after I was done cleaning the kids had made huge mess. They found a box (we're still unpacking) with some Styrofoam in it, and went to town. It looked like it snowed! I guess I should have taken a picture for blogging purposes....


Anonymous said...

Mega bummer :(

Sterling is starting to get 'bored' and mischevious again. I think he needs more outside time. He needs a little 4-wheeler or something.

Rebecca said...

I completely understand the euphoria from cleaning, as well as the fact that I still don't do it as I should either!

Anonymous said...

you know those cleaning agents will give you cancer!! :)

angela michelle said...

so true!

i love love the "method" floor cleaner. it's like a swiffer, but reusable pad for the mop, and the stuff you squirt on the floor smells awesome. (not for heavy-duty cleaning--for like the day between when you really mop)

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