Sunday, March 23, 2008

Disney World

I have been spending a lot of time these last couple of days, planning our Disney world vacation. My friend Tiffani and I were talking one day about how fun it would be to go to WDW (walt disney world) together. Besides the obvious fun-factor, there is also the convenience factor. We can split into groups according to age groups. One can take the bigger kids on the bigger rides, and the other can entertain the little ones. My friends have a time share in Florida, so we will go kind of as a referral. The only downside is that we'll have to go to one of those sales pitch meetings for 2 hours. Shouldn't be too bad right?
Anyways, I have been doing a lot of googling on tips and ideas on how to make Disney more pleasant with young children. I've gotten some good insights (which I'm not sure I am willing to divulge :) We'll be going in the off-season, so that should make it a lot more pleasant. My problem is that I LOVE Disney! I am still such a kid at heart. When Joe and I were working for WDW, I would frequently beg him to go to the parks. He liked it okay, but I just ate it up. I could seriously spend weeks there and not get sick of it. So my challenge is to make sure my focus is to not get too excited and into it, but focus on the kids and all the things they will love.
Anyone has any good tips on taking young kids to disney? Anything you would bring with you that would be easy to forget? Should I bring the video camera, or is that just too many camera's to handle? Is it terribly bad to put Ginger on a safety harness (or should I say "leash")?

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Nancy Sabina said...

I don't have any tips on taking kids to WDW since I never have, but I do have feelings about a "leash". I think if they help the kids feel free, yet they are still safe, they're great. I fully intend to tie a rope around the tree in the middle of my front yard, attach a kid-leash to it, attach Asher to that, and do my gardening this Spring. Plus, for you, if that means no stroller, definitely do it!

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