Sunday, March 16, 2008

Under pantsies

As of last week we have no more kids in diapers!!! It is really nice!
For a while now Ginger has been ready to be potty trained, but I hadn't mustered the courage to do it yet. I thought I would just wait until it got warmer outside, so when she would be having accidents, it wouldn't matter too much. The poopy diapers finally prevailed. I had had enough! No more!
The way we have done potty training with all our kids is the "no more diapers" technique. Yes, cold turkey. The first two days she had pretty much only accidents, but after a week, she only has an accident if I can't take her to the bathroom as soon as she says she has to go. Pretty good! Oh, and we do let her wear a diaper at night (for my own selfish reasons) but she has woken up dry for the past 5 days. I think once we hit 3 weeks of dry morning diapers, we'll just take those away too.
Now more than ever, Ginger LOVES to take her clothes off, and run around in only her "under pantsies". (sometimes with a ballerina skirt and butterfly wings as decoration)


Nancy Sabina said...

Well, congratulations to you both! No kids in diapers, wow! I can only imagine how nice that would be. And we need a picture of the pantie, skirt, wings combo.

Anonymous said...

Cool ! Last one ! You can start saving money now !


Bea said...

Congratulations ladies!
And I'm with Nancy: we want a PICTURE!
xoxox auntie B.

Wendy said...

I thought you FOUND her clothes in storage!!! ;) Saw the cute video on joe's blog...
dOeI Tante wendy

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