Thursday, March 27, 2008

MyFragile Sanity

Last night I was so excited. Joe was coming home. For some reason he always plans his flights to arrive at 11.30pm or later at the airport, which is an 1.5 hour drive. I went to bed, with the sweet knowledge that I would wake up with my husband next to me in bed. I even vaguely remember him getting in bed.
That must have been a dream. This morning, no husband in my bed. No husband in the bathroom, and no husband anywhere else in the house. A little confused, I got on the computer and checked his itinerary. Sure enough, I was off an entire day! I couldn't believe it. Another day without him! He is my strength, my sanity, and the only adult I interact with - really- .
My only hope for my mental sanity; it was my turn for the kid-swap with Teresa. So I dropped off the kids, and headed to Target. Nothing a shopping spree won't fix right? We are doing family photos this coming week, so I wanted to get "matching" outfits. I found some great polo shirts for the boys, and cute lacy, eyeletty tops for the girls. I still needed some things and had 30 minutes left, so I headed to Old Navy. My other sanctuary. As it goes in any store, I came out with WAY more than I had come for. The winter clothes were on sale, so I just had to get some for next year. It's always hard on my to buy clothes, or anything else for that matter, that I don't need right away, but I guess in the long run it saves a lot of money when I get it on sale. Of course my kids will never have the coolest, trendiest clothes, but will end up wearing whatever the store couldn't sell, and had to put on clearance to get rid of it. That's all right, they don't know the difference (yet)


Rebecca said...

My first year of marriage my husband left Monday morning at 4:30 a.m. and returned Thursday night at 9--unless he was delayed. So I understand that! But with kids I'm sure it's so much harder. I'm glad you got a break for your sanity's sake!

angela michelle said...

Oh no! What a terrible realization! Sweet dreams tonight!

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