Monday, March 3, 2008


It seems like a never ending battle. Finding a good stylist that will give a good haircut just seems impossible to me. One of my pet peeves is when the stylist cuts my hair, and then proceeds to curl it. This is so annoying because I RARELY curl my hair. The fact is, it needs to look good when it hasn't been blow dried, coaxed, curled, and smoothed out.
My hair routine is as follows. Wash and dry hair. Brush hair. Air dry. That's it. Sure, occasionally I will curl it, or blow dry it for a special occasion, but not most of the time.
I do have an idea of what I want my hair to look like, but I can't find any pictures, because the back of the hair is really what's important to me. The second problem I always have is making sure they don't cut off too much. No matter how many times I tell them I just want a half an inch, it always ends up being closer to 2 or 3. The hair in the front always fall victim to this the most, as they are always trying to "shape" my face. I don't want my face shaped! I just want long hair. My sister-in-law Ruth suggested telling them that I am growing out my hair for locks of love. That way they'll minimize the length they cut off, and don't hack at my hair if you mention layers. Oh those layers.... I've tried. They never end up looking right... but that might have something to do with the fact that my hair is so straight.
So tomorrow I will attempt again to find a stylist that will have the same vision that I do, and listen to ALL I ask of her.


kashurst said...

Oh, I feel your pain! In fact I just got mine cut on Friday. The girl who did it is on my visiting teaching route, so I know her pretty good. This seems to help, as they actually care about listening to you. The locks of love thing is a goos trick, though. I'll have to try that next time!

Wendy said...

Yeah I totally know what you mean. It is impossible to find someone that totally listenes and then actually understands what you want. I had totally given up and decided I was just going to go cheap since I don't end up liking the results most of the time anyway, so I went to great clips. I still told the lady what I wanted and she totally got it!!... next time.. Again Bingo. I have had my hair cut by her three times now and I must say...Harray.. I get cheap great looking hair.. what more to want!
Good luck with your quest.

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