Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Chicks

We finally have baby chicks! My friend Teresa made it all possible! She made a really cool cage for them, supplied the feeder, feed, water troth, and even the chicks. She is awesome!
We got a variety of chickens. Some lay brown, green, blue, and chocolate brown eggs. Who needs an egg paint set, when you can get colored eggs straight from the chicken?
It will take about 6 months before they start laying eggs, but right now they are just fun to play with. They are hanging out in my garage, and the kids love to go out there to hold them.
On a sad note; I planted some of my vegetable seedlings in the garden last week, and then it had to start snowing. I thought they would be okay, because I only planted cool weather/hardy plants, but apparently the temperature difference was too much of a shock for them. Everything died! Next year I'll just go to the store and buy plants!! When I was at the store today, I was just gooing over their plants. They are so big! They must have started their seeds 3 months ago. So I did buy some onion plants, and hopefully they'll survive.


Bea said...

Chickadees are cute, Sterling is, pic is so sweet. You know how I feel about kids growing up with animals: it's good for them. As long as they're not allergic to them that is. But even then,there's always a sort they can have without having this problem with.
xoxox auntie B.

Maddy S said...

That is so cute. I remember my grandma had little chicks and I even saw them hatch. I loved going there to get eggs in the summer time. Of course I tortured the poor little creatures as well. None died though. :)

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