Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sulking to a better mood

I had been dreading it all day. 3 hours outside, with nothing to do, and 2 kids to entertain. Tonight was T-ball practice for both Winter and Sterling, and they are back to back. So from 5pm-8pm my life is at a standstill. Well, not totally, because it's also good quality time spent with my kids. It doesn't happen often that I can give them my undivided attention. I am usually doing something.Sterling always plays first. He seems to have a great time, smiles a lot. However, he doesn't really get into the game. The coach often has to tell him to pay attention, and when the ball is thrown at him he doesn't always catch it...None of this matters to me though, as long as he is having a good time. I just think it's good for him to interact with other kids, and listen to other adults giving direction.
Winter and Ginger had fun reading books in the back of someone's pickup truck with some other girls that were waiting for their brothers.After Winter went to her own practice, Ginger entertained herself with bubbles for quite some time.I thought it would be fun to do a self-portrait of me at T-ball practice.
When I got ready to leave I noticed the flat tire. Oh NO!!!! My first flat tire ever. I guess I was lucky enough to have it at a place where some men could help me change it, and not on the side of the highway in the middle of the night.


Farmer Joe said...

Awesome pics hunny. Way to go. It's kind of like I was there, so it really is nice - thanks. Sorry about that tire....and I love your sulky self portrait. How about titling the post "sulking to a better mood"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these pictures Jessica! Almost the first time I can see the kids having an outside the "home/family environment" life and a fun one at that.
I remember them having swimming lessons and also attending Winters pre-school in Boise was fun for me. So now, as Joe said, it felt a little bit like witnessing the T-ball practice myself. Cool !
You'll have many more of these kinds of outings in the coming years, and you'll come to appreciate them more and more, I'm sure of that. And anyway, at least the sun was shining ! ;)


Nancy Sabina said...

I agree with Joe, the sulky self portrait is great.

When in doubt about a title for my posts I like to just list some of the random aspects, like "T-ball, Bubbles and a flat". Boring - but effective. Or you could get all aliteration-y and go with "t-ball today with tough tire trauma". But really, I like Joe's.

Jessica said...

thanks guys! I really need to take my own advice and always bring my camera with me no matter where I go! having it for the flat tire is the perfect example. "sulking to a better mood" it is

angela michelle said...

R&L were always in the stare-at-butterflies school of team sports. But Levi is signed up for t-ball this year so we'll see how he does! -Ang

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