Monday, March 24, 2008

Fundraising for school

I just got finished spending my whole evening fundraising with Winter for her school. Her school is holding a fundraiser by selling cookie dough and magazine subscriptions. I am pretty new to all of this, and decided I better do my part. When she gets a certain amount of orders she gets all sorts of prizes. We met our goal of 20 sales, so she can do the "build a bear workshop" and also dress it in whatever clothes she wants. Then, we were so close to the next milestone, which is 30 seconds in the "money machine", so we just kept going a little longer. This money machine will be fun for her, because she can put anything she gets in her Disney piggy bank. I am going to have a little practice session with her.. I'm not sure how.. but I think we'll be able to work out a good strategy. I am mostly motivated for this whole thing because Winter's school obviously does not have extra money to go around. There are a lot of lower income families in the school, so they really will be able to use this. Thanks for all of you who have helped her reach her goal!

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Farmer Joe said...

Congratulations to you and Winter. She really grabbed ahold of that idea of selling and I think it was actually good for her to learn how to approach strangers with a sales pitch.

Is it wrong that I am thinking about how she can spin this on her resume?

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