Friday, April 4, 2008

Egg layers

For the past 2 months I have been dying to get some egg laying chickens. It's just so hard for me to pay $2/dozen at the store. Teresa and I bought some at the trade days, but 2 of those died, and the one that is left hasn't laid any eggs (or at least I haven't seen any)
Teresa finally tracked some chicken down, and we picked them up tonight. I am soooo excited. I just can't wait to get my first eggs. I have 5 chickens, and they all look completely different. I'll post some pictures later when I can shoot them in the daylight. 4 of them lay brown eggs, and 1 lays green eggs.
They are in their new coop with the chicks, and hopefully they don't attack the chicks too much. I put some eggs in the nesting boxes to show them where to lay, I guess it fakes them out and then they just keep laying there.

This Hen likes her nesting box!

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Rebecca said...

Beautiful birds!

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