Monday, April 28, 2008

No more rinsing

As I have posted before, our house was in pretty bad "cosmetic" shape when we bought it. I can't even remember how dirty it was, until I look at picture. And even then I can barely believe it. One of the things I have wanted to change from the moment we moved in was our dishwasher. Besides the fact that the old one was just plain hideous, it also didn't do it's job at all very well. Unless you rinsed every single food particle off, and made sure nothing was caked on, it came out totally dirty. But even with rinsing, the plates came out smelling like fish.I love tax season. Our W-4 is filled out in a way that only Winter is a dependent, so the IRS takes too much money out. Then come April, we get a nice chunk of money back. I know this is not the smartest way to save money, but it works for us. If we had the money all year, I know we would just spend it on little non-essential things. So this year I used some of that money to buy a new dishwasher.
I ordered it from Sears in Sherman (a little bitty town) and had to wait for 5 days to pick it up. I picked it up, brought it home. Then I removed the old dishwasher, cleaned up a dead mouse that had been under there for probably 10 years. I bought parts, bought some more parts because the other parts didn't connect up. I hooked up the new dishwasher, fixed the water leaks, tested it, it worked. Loaded dishes. Started it again... nothing. It shorted out. I disconnected the electrical cords again, tested again, and loaded again. Fixed some more water leaks. Decided everything was connected the right way, and pushed it into its spot. Without further addu here's the new one.It actually cleans my dishes!! As a test I even put in dishes that had food from the night before. Of course it also looks much better, and I can't wait to get our wood floor in, so you can see the full effect. We're not done with the kitchen though. We still have countertops, backsplash, floors, and new oven/microwave to install.


Nancy Sabina said...

Looks great! I'm so jealous! Enjoy the ease of just plain loading dishes.

Rebecca said...

Yeay for good dishwashers! I am renting and I hate the dishwasher in our place--but at least we have one!

wannabee free said...

jessica, you are such a stud muffin.
you're always inspiring me to try new "manly" things. I would never think I could install a dishwasher, I 'd just wait for my wonderfully handy hubby to do it. (which he did when we got ours) in fCT HE JUst installed our new stove. I'm still witing for him to install the blinds, but I should probably do that myself, right?
Way to go once again! Looks beautiful, btw.

angela michelle said...

yay appliances!

earl said...

I am feeling a little left out, but then I did leave before it was in. You are the best.

Jessica said...

Sorry dad, I should have given you credit for helping me figure out which parts I was still missing and had to get from the store. And thanks for helping me carry it into the house too!

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