Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time perception

There must be something wrong with me. It's easier for me to get to church on time when I have to get the kids ready alone, than with the help of my husband. Joe just got a calling that requires him to be at church at 7.15am, so I am left to get everybody looking decent and fed for church.
Don't take me wrong, Joe is a great helper with the kids. I think it's just me. See, when Joe is home, I always expect a certain level of slack, because of his help. It "always" turns out that I expected too much, and we walk into the chapel at a consistent 5-10 minutes late. When it's just me, I realize I can't stay in bed that extra 30 minutes, and that I really can only shower for 10 minutes instead of 20, and that I am the one that will have to brush and do my girls' hair.
I do still need to work on my perception of how long certain things will take. For example, I know that church is a 25-minute drive. But if I go out the door at 9.35, I certainly won't be on time. Because that 25 minutes doesn't include putting on shoes, feeding the dogs, chickens, and goats, getting the church and snack bag together, or brushing my teeth.
As a matter of fact, my planning for this morning also didn't include blogging for 10 minutes, so... I guess I won't be blow-drying my hair today.


angela michelle said...

I do the same thing when Mark is home--and then get irritated about it!

Rebecca said...

Somehow I find that blogging and reading other's blogs does something weird to time--it disappears so fast!

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