Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monument Stroll

Washington Monuments are gorgeous at night!

World War II memorial
Washington Monument
Ram taught me a cool trick for my camera. When it gets too dark for non-flash photography, I usually get discouraged and sad. I don't like flash. It ruins the mood and light. Or so I thought! Ram showed me it doesn't have to be so. All you have to do is get aperture and speed readings on automatic setting, then move it to manual setting, pop up the flash, and voila! Here's one of my first tries. If I had just used the automatic setting, you would have been able to see Ginger, but not the cool Lincoln memorial in the background. The flash freezes the foreground, and the low shutter speed and high aperture capture the mood lighting in the background! Thanks a ton Ram!!!!
Lincoln Memorial


Farmer Joe said...

Tell Annie that while you were hanging with her, I was having lunch with the Partens (her old landscaping boss who says she was his favorite worker ever!) They said to say hi and they miss her.

Wendy said...

it is soooooo cool that you actually have been to these cool places!
And look at that smile on sterling!!!

Renee Campbell said...

Where are the pictures of you guys with Mr. President aye? LOL

Rebecca said...

beautiful pictures! Looks lovely

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