Friday, August 28, 2009

Shiny windows

So far, so good. The past 3 days have been hard, but successful. I've stuck to my workout, and eating schedule. And I stuck mostly to my reading and cleaning schedule. My house sure looks a lot better than it did when I got home on Sunday (no offense, Joe). I have made it a point to include deep cleaning such as blinds, windows, and dusting (yeah, that's deep cleaning for me), whenever I clean a room. So far I've been able to tackle about 1 room per day. I still have a hard time with the crucial moments, especially putting on exercise clothes in the morning. But once I have them on, I will exercise. I usually start grumpily, looking at the clock every 2 mintues, but usually I get into it pretty well.

Today I had been kind of unproductive/lazy, and I was feeling bored/cabin fever after dinner. So I asked Joe what would be a good 2-hour project we could do. We have so many projects around here, it's not even funny. All the home-improvement stuff takes longer than 2 hours, so he settled on trimming the bushes. Our house has boxwood bushes all the way around the house. Not my favorite kind of shrub, but I'm not about to rip out perfectly fine landscaping either. Since trimming the bushes really is a one-person job, I settled on washing outside windows. The weather was pleasant, even with a breeze.

I am not a fan of washing windows. Of course you would know that, if you had ever visited my house, and witnessed all the cobwebs. It really was disgusting though, and I'm glad I got ..... drumroll please.... 5 whole windows done (yeah, it took 2 hours!). So, that means I "only" have 15 more to go. Argghh. Stupid spiders! (and wasps, and dirt) I did decide that washing outside windows is easier than from the inside. You can use a ton of water, spray guns, and soapy water. The windows that are clean from the outside, now have more spiderwebs on the inside than out. Natural light is great in a home, but they sure have their drawbacks. You know, high electricity bill, glare, and Work.


Renee' P said...

Good job on window washing. I HATE spiders which is why I love the power of the hose in my hand and just killing off those spider webs.
Spray some Home Defense around the foundation of your house and around the windows and doors.

Rebecca said...

good for you on the windows! I cleaned the inside of our windows when we moved. But I didn't do them all summer. I guess I should before it gets cold again.

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