Saturday, August 1, 2009


It's been a whirlwind of reunions. Cousins, aunts, grandparents, friends etc etc.

Thursday I took some much needed time to myself. I did some laundry, read blogs, watched the bachelorette and SYTYCD, and napped. By the time I got back to the cabins, I was ready to be social again.

Friday was the first official day of the Benac reunion. We gathered at the Witkowskis house, and met up with longtime-no-see family. After brunch, me and Liz headed to the Holocaust museum. This trip really deserves it's own blog post, which will have to be written later. In short; it was a great museum, but very sad too.

After getting home after midnight last night, we didn't get any relief this morning. Before 7am, we got up to go to the kayaking rental place. I took Winter and Ginger in a double kayak on the Potomac (polluted) river, and Sterling rode with Ruth. Winter didn't have her own paddles, but when I let her have a turn, I was pleasantly surprised by her paddling skills. She must have gotten that from her daddy!

After the kayaking, me and my kids headed straight to the National Museum of Natural History. That museum is humongous! We browsed for hours, and still didn't even cover half of it. I finally gave up, when my feet and back were killing me from walking. We rode the metro back closer to Witkowskis house, where I am now relaxing and writing this post. I can't get the pictures of my camera, so I promise to update this post later.

Pfew, what craziness. I seriously want to sit down after I get back home (in Texas), and expand on all our experiences here, but I felt like I was leaving my readers in the dark by not writing at all. So there you go, that's what we've been up to

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Wendy said...

sounds like lots and lots of fun!

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