Friday, August 21, 2009

Talk to the Chef

I finished out Education week, my brain full of useful information. It's been over 2 years since we moved out of Idaho, and since I've seen most of my friends from there. Challis is one of my friends that I really miss. She just happened to be in Utah this weekend too, so we got together for dinner. Tamara Wasden also came (who lived just down the street in our subdivision). We ate in a fancy restaurant. Tiffani and I were sharing a meal, and there was a little hick-up in the food. We ordered Salmon with au gratin potatoes. The potatoes were a huge disappointment, and the sauce that came with the salmon was just gross. So we actually sent it back. If I'm going to spend over $20 on a meal, I expect it to be good!! We switched to another dish, and had the most wonderful steaks. The most amazing part: the chef actually came out to talk to us about the food we didn't like.
After dinner we were on a mission to find some nice/fattening desert. We found a cool ice-cream shop (sub-zero). They poor some cream and whatever flavoring you want into a bowl. Then they spray liquid ice (or whatever that's called) from a big tank to actually freeze the cream. Fresh ice cream! It was awesome!


Renee Campbell said...

Wow that ice cream sounds amazing!

Amber said...

Okay, what will they think of next? That ice cream sounds crazy, but I'm not one to turn down ice cream. Period!

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