Sunday, August 16, 2009

Deeley Due

This post was supposed to be all about my cool new Deeley haircut. Cat Deeley, from the TV show "So you think you can dance" has the best hair. The hair professionals always give her great up-dos, and styles. I was watching grandma Benac last night and today, and she always gets her hair done, every Saturday morning. Since I would be with her anyways, I decided to get my hair cut professionally (for the first time in over a year), instead of laboring on cutting it myself for 2 hours and being dissatisfied. So back to Deeley.... Last week while we were driving back from DC, it was the night for the SYTYCD finale. Mom recorded it for me, and I hadn't had a chance to watch it yet, until last night. All of a sudden I realized, with delight, that Deeley actually wore her hair down. I wanted her haircut! I has great layers. I can never quite explain to the hairdresser, what I want. The solution? I grabbed my camera, and started taking pictures of the TV. Now, if you've never tried to take pictures of a TV screen, let me warn you. It took 40 or so pictures, to get 4 decent shots. I went to the salon, armed with pictures of Deeley's wonderful hair. I got a great haircut. It looks the same as Deeley's. Now, this is where I would have liked to end this post. .... However....

Thursday night I was telling Joe that everytime we got out of the pool, my scalp was itchy. He became a little concerned, because Winter had said the same thing. I figured something must be wrong with the pool water, and kind of wrote it off. Joe did do a quick sweep of my scalp, just to make sure I didn't have any unwanted visitors. He didn't find any. Fast forward to today. While I was taking care of grandma, and Joe was working with a friend in Dallas, our kids were playing at that friends house with the wife. I guess Winter had complained to her about her rapidly worse itching head, and she found what no one wants to find: Lice! Of course, this news alone made me itch all over. Since I was still at Joe's parents' house, Liz was nice enough to do what no other mother-in-law should ever have to do. She checked me for lice. Sure enough... she found a nit. I ran to the pharmacy down the street (a nice feature when you live in town), got some treatment, and mom spent the next 2 hours treating and combing my hair. So much for my nice professionally blowdried hair! What should have been a relaxing movie night, and easy Sunday morning, has turned into a lot of cleaning, laundry, boiling, vacuuming, and treating hair. Tomorrow morning, instead of enjoying church, and then taking off on my personal vacation, I will have to buy some more treatment, clean my car, drive home, treat the kids, clean the house, and then drive all the way back to the airport, to THEN start my relaxing vacation. And oh... never mind the emotional agony I must go through, visiting/sleeping at other people's houses. The worry that I didn't kill all the lice, and they'll be spread all over the US.

The only question remains: where did we pick up these little buggers? Was it at the dirty Motel 6 we stayed on, on our way home from DC? Or did we pick them up at the reunion? (anyone else have any symptoms?) Or did we pick them up at church last Sunday? There's really no way to tell. But I do know, that I don't EVER want to get those nasty buggers again! Gross.


Majo said...

When reading this I too started to feel itchy. It's truely contagious, even if it's just the idea of having those nasty creepers.
The most likely cause is that they just walked from one childs head to the other. It usually happens that way, because kids tend to have their heads close to one another. Or else the little buggers walk from one coat to the next when they are neatly hanging side by side in school.
When you guys were little we had to deal with them as well. I can affirm: it's a tedious job.
As to stuffed animals or other items you can't wash on the needed high temperature: put them in a closed plastic bag and then in the freezer for at least 24 hours. That will kill the nasties.
Good luck and I sure hope you will kill them all, since we'll be seeing each other soon and I do not want to have to deal with lice ever again !

By the way: I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job yourself at blowdrying your hair; you always used to anyway.
Have fun the coming few days and see you on friday!

Nancy Sabina said...

First off, I can't wait to see your Deeley do!

Second, EWWWWWW! I'm seriously hoping for you having picked it up on your way home or later. We've never had lice and I haven't noticed any itching - but we'll be on the lookout!

Renee Campbell said...

Oh wow that really does suck! I have had lice a few times, when I was young but thankfully it hasn't paid us a visit since having kids. You should post pictures of your hair!! I have no idea who this lady is that you speak of. Oh and Have a great time in UT!

Maddy S said...

I am so sorry you have to deal with that. I work for a school and I can't tell you how many cases we have all the time. it's gross and I do get panicked and feel itchy every time I hear about a kid with lice. They do get passed on rather quickly by kids. I guess there is this black light that makes seeing the nits easier. We don't allow the kids back in school until they are completely nit free.
Have a fun and relaxing vacation in Utah. You deserve.

Stillman and Michelle said...

Ha ha. Sorry that sounds mean. I don't mean it that way. it just rings a bell. One time I was babysitting and I decided to do the girls hair. When their parents got home that night they started frantically searching their daughters hair. I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? sure enough she had lice. got it from her cousins earlier that day. They bought me a lice removal kit and paid me a little more that usual. My mom spent that night making sure I didn't have it.

angela michelle said...

Yikes! I checked the kids and so far so good.
We're looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

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