Monday, August 24, 2009

New Teachers

It's hard to believe that Winter is starting her 3rd year at Leonard Elementary, and Sterling is a first grader. Somehow we were never informed of the kids' new teachers, so the kids didn't get to ride the bus. It was fun for me to take them in though, and meet their teachers. I was pleasantly surprised with Winter's 2nd grade class size; only 15 students. I didn't count Sterlings', but it seemed to be closer to 20.
Winter's 2nd grade teacher Ms Garner
Sterling's 1st grade teacher Ms Knight
Poor Ginger, with her October birthday, has to stay home for another 2 years. She'll probably go to a little preschool next year, but that's just not the same. No cool school bus. Only one or two days a week, and shorter days as well.
School brings a lot of freedom for me. I have much more time to get stuff done around the house, which I really need right now to catch up. I feel behind on my cleaning, gardening, pool care, and feel totally out of touch with my chicken family. Somehow I have to keep remember that it will take longer than 1 day to catch up, after a month of vacation.


Renee' P said...

So is Ginger going to be turning 4 this year?
At least you only have one home.

Enjoy her while it lasts! :)

Maybe she could help you clean the house???

Rebecca said...

paul's an october birthday...which means 4 more years until he has school.

People keep telling me it's good for the kids to be oldest in a class, but it does seem like a looooooong time!!

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