Sunday, August 30, 2009

Social interactions

It's been so long since I have been to church in our own ward, that I felt a little like a stranger there. There were some new faces, and even the "old" faces seemed somewhat foreign to me. It's my calling right now to conduct the music in sacrament meeting. That gives me the chance to scope out who's all there (and who's not). Many times I'm not able to see, or chat with a lot of people, because everyone just runs off to class (which is good), and are anxious to head back home afterwards. In Holland people often stay for at least 30-45 minutes after church is over. Back in Boise, I spent a lot of time with people from church during playgroups, activities, and just hanging out. Not so much in this ward. Of course distance has a lot to do with it too. For example, I would do a lot more with my friend Renee, if she didn't live 45 minutes away. Since we are kind of on one side of the ward boundaries, I miss out on a lot of social gatherings happening in Bonham and Honey Grove. It's okay though, at least I have plenty of time at home for cleaning, reading, exercising, and internetting (is that a word?) So I'm excited about tomorrow's plan to get together with Renee and Jenny Parten, for a little photography session. Both of them also enjoy photography, so we can share tips and tricks with each other.


Renee Campbell said...

Yes I too am excited about tomorrow! Perhaps we could make it a regular thing, switching out houses.

Will of the hill said...

It must be a Dutch thing--Growing up I was in a Dutch church (by that I mean all the elders came from dutch families) --and same thing--old men having coffee--ladies having tea and kids running around in the lawn after church-- FOr the longest time--and then you would go have pizza afterwards--lol

wannabee free said...

Maybe once it's gone you appreciate it more. I don't take 'advantage' of any of that social networking, and I do feel pretty isolated from the people at church.

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