Saturday, August 1, 2009

Marine Barracks

Last night, we went to see the parade at the Marine barracks. For some stupid reason I wasn't in the mood to carry my camera with me, so just got 2 pictures on Jenny's camera. Thanks Jenny!
This parade wasn't what you usually think of as a parade: floats following each other on a route through the streets. Instead, the band performs on the large lawn, which is located in the center of the marine barracks, and goes back and forth. The band performed performed patriotic and old-time tunes. Also, they were amazing marchers. At one point, a fairly large group of marines marched in formations, without any music. The only thing to guide them, was their own marching, and clicking of their bayonets on the ground. It kept going, and going, and going, probably for more than 20 minutes!

President Obama attended this parade just a week ago. Couldn't he have waited one more week? After the parade was over, Winter and Sterling did get to meet the marine's mascot, Chesty, almost as good as meeting Obama.

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Renee Campbell said...

How awesome, where was this at? We would have really enjoyed that. BTW Im pretty sure meeting Pres. Obama would have way better than some crusty pup ;)

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