Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everything is BIGGER in Texas

While I was off vacationing, Joe was being a wonderful husband and taking care of all my extra chores (except maybe the pool) My garden was almost unrecognizable, totally out of control, and huge. Joe doesn't believe in picking veggies while they're still small, so we had some monstrous zucchini and squash. Another monstrous harvest:I don't have access to my scale right now, but my guess is, this bad boy weighs around 60 lbs. The 3 minutes it took Winter to take this picture, was long enough for my arms to scream at me.
Today's harvest:
What to do with all that zucchini/squash? Some suggest dehydrating it. How cool is it that the Taylors just gave us a dehydrator, less than a month ago?


Nancy Sabina said...

That watermelon in monstrous! Have fun eating it!

Wendy said...


Looks liek a healthy summer!!

Renee Campbell said...

I Wow that watermelon looks amazing! Im dying to know what it tastes like *wink*

skideewink said...

Eggplant makes a most delighful lasagna (sp?) No meat just lost of veggies. You are rocking the garden girl! AWSOME!

Oi Polly Cervantes said...

How's the dehydrated zucchini? I only had dehydrated fruits before. I love grill zucchini. BTW, I envy your garden harvest!

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