Monday, August 3, 2009

Personal Docent

How would you like to have your personal docent at the National Gallery of Art. Winter and I had exactly that today. Aunt Barbara lead us through special exhibits by Melendez, explained all the little details of still lives, and made 4.5 hours of art watching seem like 1. Barbara geared most of her information toward Winter, but I learned a whole lot myself. Sure, I took a whole bunch of art history classes in college, but I was ashamed by the small amount of knowledge I actually have.To increase Winter's learning, and attention span, Barbara played a little game she used to play with her own kids. She would tell Winter about a piece of art, or art in general. Then, she would quiz her on those facts. For each correct answer, Winter got a tickmark. At the end of the museum visit, Winter would get to pick out something from the gift shop, according to the amount of tickmarks she accumulated. This game is genius! It keeps the child's attention, makes them want to learn, keeps them going longer, and gives them a great reward at the end of it all.
Winter really latched onto this game, and accumulated a whopping 50 tickmarks. With a little guidance, she picked out a sketchpad and art pencil kit. She wanted to start drawing right away, and her first art is a drawing of the nations capitol building. She has talent!So thanks a ton to our personal Docent Barbara, for some great cultural enlightenment.

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Maddy S said...

What a cool Aunt. I am glad you had your own guide in the museum. It makes everything that much better and to have a personal one is even better.
My uncle who lived in Paris at the time I went there did the same and I loved Paris that much for. It looks like you are having a great summer.

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