Monday, July 13, 2009


Ever since my miscarriage, my body has been out of wack. I haven't had a regular period yet, and it's now 10 weeks later. I had a kind of sort of really light one over a month ago, and since I hadn't started again, I was hoping/thinking I might be pregnant again. Well.... remember the plus sign last time.... this time it's a big fat negative (BFN). This is driving me crazy!


Amber said...

Hang in there. After my miscarriage I didn't have a normal period for 8 months, so I had to take my temp to see if I was ovulating. I was. So wacky periods aside, you can still get pregnant!

Nancy Sabina said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry. I feel the same way - that my body just hasn't really recovered. I've been eating right and exercising in the way that had the pounds melting off before I got pregnant and miscarried, and now I can't loose a single pound. No period for me either except once for a day after (*ahem*) I bled heavily but I'm not even sure it was a period. Could have just been more leftovers from the D&C.
Anyway, I know how aggravating it is. I'm so sorry.

angela michelle said...

oh bummer! what a letdown!

Kaitlyn said...

Oh sweetie, you've been and are in my prayers.

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