Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday morning activities

When church doesn't start until 1pm, with 6 kids under 7 running around, the best thing is to divide and conquer. At one point this is what the following people were doing:

Nancy: bathing little kids
Mom: last minute ironing
Naomi: computer time
Richard: computer time
Dad: reading stories to Ginger
Jessica: rolling out tortilla dough
Sterling: wigging out in front of TV
Winter: time-out


Kaitlyn said...

Looks like my personal version of heaven.

bdmalouf said...

Great photos! I especially love the one of Earl. What a great grandfather he is! Hey, you have to let me know too how I know who is cyber stalking me on my blog! I get dozens of hits a day and don't know who it is as no one posts comments!

Monica said...

Gotta say - I love how this post ended! There's usually one of mine in a time out at any given moment.

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