Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fight for your food

If you never feed your cat, and then come out with beggin strips, she WILL try to eat your toe!
Let me explain. We have outside/barn cats, to keep the mouse population under control. Once in a while, when we have kittens, or a nursing mama, I will feed them. I ran out of my stockpile of free cat food the other day, so it had been a few days since they got any food from me. I can tell when the cats start getting hungry, because as soon as you open the back door, they just about attack you. Some make a mad dash for the door, to try and sneek in- especially the newer kittens, who don't realize they'll just get launched right back out.

So we were out swimming, and I was feeling some sympathy for those poor starving cats, so I got the only thing I have at this point: Doggy Beggin Strips. Hungry cats will eat anything, including big spiders and bugs like grasshoppers, so beggin strips are a real treat for them. I had given the mama cat a piece of "bacon", when she dropped it out of her mouth, and it fell right next to my left big toe. She reacted quickly, because if they don't, another cat will scoop it up. Except instead of biting down on the bacon, it was my juicy toe she got a hold of. Auwww! I got 2 puncture wounds; one on the top of my toe, and one on the bottom.

It is really quite funny to watch hungry cats eat. They growl and paw each other. One of these days I'll have to get that on video. It's very entertaining!

Oh, and as I was recovering from my bite, Sterling puked in the pool. Lovely.


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Renee Campbell said...

Nothing like Puke in a pool! Why don't you feed the darn cats?

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