Thursday, July 9, 2009

Building friendships

Tuesday we went down to Wylie to help Katy move into a new house. The kids were having a lot of fun, as they always do with their 'cousins'. We decided to swap kids, so I left Winter at their house, and took Grace home with us. Grace and Sterling are bestest buddies, despite their 3 year age difference. Whenever we all get together, they always end up playing together.

As a host, I've been trying to do extra fun stuff, so Grace can have fun memories of her time here. Yesterday we swam for hours, and then Sterling and Grace spent a few hours outside with the kittens. Then, they watched a movie, and even got to keep watching while they ate their dinner. Last night, they collected rocks, so they could paint them today. I don't do crafts with kids nearly as much as I should. I think it might have been Gingers first time, because she was freaking out when a little paint got on her finger. She got over it pretty quickly though.It's amazing how much more quiet it has been too. It seems like Winter and Sterling are always arguing, or whining. S&G played in Sterling's room for hours, building bionicles. What great friends they are!


Nancy Sabina said...

How fun! It's always good to mix things up a little!

Monica said...

Sounds like my two 6 & 4 year olds who love to fight. It was a nice break here when one was gone for a week. Enjoy the peace - it's temporary!

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