Thursday, July 23, 2009

Air and Space Museum

Turns out, going to bed after midnight, and getting up before 7, makes me tired. I'm used to going to bed after midnight, but at home I get to sleep in until 9am. See, the kids just sneak up, turn on the TV, and watch cartoons until I finally rise from the dead. Being at someone elses home, I feel a little more responsible for my kids, and making sure someone else doesn't end up taking care of them. Therefor, I feel the need to get out of bed when they do. I might just set an alarm for 8am in the future, and tell them not to get out of our room before that! Or, I could do the more responsible thing, and just go to bed at 10pm next time. But oh, how I enjoy my alone time at night!!

Virginia is a great place for fun activities. The Smithsonian Air and Space museum is a quick 15 minute drive from Nancy's house. It truly is amazing to see all the different types of airplanes. Some are little, some a big. Some are sleek, others bulky. Some are fast, and some are slow. Not one of them is like another. Don't ask me why, go ask your mother. Wait.... that's Dr Zeuss.
Winter was begging me to use my camera, and had a lot of fun snapping away at all the fun exhibits. I took this opportunity to teach her a bit about focus and zooming. We all got tired out after just over an hour, and headed back to the house. Then, the kids splashed around in the pool, built sandcastles in the sandbox, and flew to the sky on the swings.On a side note: A big advantage of cable is the availability of programs that regular TV doesn't cover. Tour de France is one of those. My opa Valk always watched this when I was little, so it brings back some good memories.


Wendy said...

dat is grappig dat jij de ttf met opa samentreks... ik doe dat ook altijd! Fijn om zo aam hem te kunnen denken en altijd als ik het zie dan denk ik... waarschijnlijk ishij hetnu ook an het kijken en dan voel ik me wat dichter bij!!
kan je tegen nancy zeggen dat ik haar ketting heel leuk vind!!

Bea said...

Klopt als een zwerende vinger meissies: Opa kijkt idd nog steeds!

Majo said...

Het zal wel in de familie zitten, want ik hou De Tour ook altijd in de gaten. Kijk eigenlijk bijna nooit de hele rit, maar wel naar de samenvatting als het enigszins kan. Maar ja, wij kaaskoppen hebben natuurlijk sowieso wat met fietsen. Zondag is het trouwens al weer afgelopen; zijn de drie weken voorbij.

Renee Campbell said...

I love the picture of Ginger on the swing! Excited to see you guys when you get back!

wannabee free said...

ok, I haven't been blog hopping forever, but are you pregnant, my dear? If so, Congrats!!! And if not, my deepest apologies!
Glad you guys are having so much fun!

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