Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ashurst non-reunion

The Ashurst non-reunion started on Monday, when we checked into some cabins at Algonkian state park. I say non-reunion, because the family wasn't complete. My DH Joe is sadly home alone, and Mark and Kelly just moved into their first house. The cabins are located right next to the Potomac river, which is the worst polluted river I've ever seen in my life. The larger cabin had a great living room/kitchen in the middle that was great for gathering with family. We had pancake breakfasts, pirate ship building, movie watching, chatting and other gathering going on there all week.

Algonkian park has a small waterpark that we spent a lot of time in. The kids went on the slides over, and over, and over again. There was also a great shallow area for non-swimmers and a large splash area. Having 3 kids that all know how to swim, made this a much easier experience. It's so nice to send off my kids, without worrying too much. When we are not at the waterpark, we're just chilling at the cabins. The large cabin has a wrap around porch that apparently is great for running and chasing.
Jesse and Winter
Isaiah, Haley, Ginger
Haley, Ginger
Jesse, Ginger
Winter, Naomi
Naughty Boys


Rebecca said...

such nice pictures, such nice families!

angela michelle said...

a-ha! now I found them. Will you send me a copy of the family pic? Can I also have the color one?

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