Friday, July 24, 2009

Branches and Squirrels

We got off to a slow start today. Both Pooch and Asher needed haircuts, and while I had the scissors out anyways, and the floor was a mess, I cut Winter's hair too. We found out about a fun playground online last night, so we got the kids out there. The weather is just so pleasant here. After 105 degree weather in Texas, 89 feels great!
The main reason this playground was so fabulous, is that there was a ton of shade. Also, great benches in the shade to watch the kids play. We didn't even loose any of them! We also went on a little stroll down a path in the woods. The kids played in the creek, and found a frog.
After a sack lunch, the little kids were getting ready for their naps, so Nancy and Ruth took the them back to the house, while the bigger kids played some more. At first they were just playing on the play equipment, but they were soon occupied with pulling leaves off trees. Winter, Sterling, and Naomi made some new friends, and one of the girls was lifting up all the kids to try and reach. Until Sterling found the best spot for pulling them off: a picnic table. So the kids lined up on the table, and took turns jumping for the branch. Nature can give so much entertainment!!

A squirrel gave them entertainment for the next 30 minutes. By now, 9 kids had assembled. I guess the kids had found some skittles on the ground,and thought the squirrel might like to eat them. They tried to feed it, by chasing it around and giving it the skittles. Obviously the squirrel didn't quite understand the kids were trying to feed it, versus chasing it to kill it! Watching the kids with their arms up in the air, with skittles in their hands, was pretty hilarious. Unfortunately Ruth had taken my camera home, so I didn't get a photo of it. They finally got a clue that the squirrel might be scared, and decided to make a pile of food instead. Amazingly, the squirrel wasn't scared to death enough, and actually came over to eat it. Wonderful nature!

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