Wednesday, July 1, 2009


While watering the garden, I noticed several biggish watermelons. I picked the biggest one, but then I saw one that was even bigger. They were heavy! I got so excited, watermelons sounds really good in this heat. I made one huge mistake. I didn't do my research online first. After the knife sliced through the skin, disappointment set in. I had picked 2 beautiful, unripe watermelons. What a waste! Maybe the pig will eat it.


Nancy Sabina said...

total downer!

Renee Campbell said...

Ugh I would have been so upset! I can;t believe you have watermelon that big already! We were excited to see ones the size of a grape today =)

Kaitlyn said...


wannabee free said...

wow! Those are HUGE!! How can you tell if they are ripe? (So I don't make the same devastating mistake)

Jessica said...

There are several ways to tell if it's ripe. First, the tendril by the stem of the watermelon will dry out, so it should be easy to take the melon off the vine.
Second, the underside will turn a yellow or gold color.
Third, you can thumb... but I can't remember what kind of sound you would listen for
Fourth, you could keep track from when you planted, and I think it's supposed to take like 90 days.

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