Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Camp

Today we dropped Winter off at Summer Camp. Camp Langston in Mt Pleasant seems like an amazing place to spend a week for any kid. Joe and I were both jealous! They have horse riding, archery, boating, super big slides, water trampolines, swimming pool, guitar lessons etc etc. The camp looks like a major operation, with camp counselors in neon-yellow shirts all over the place. I wish I could zip up there throughout the week to take some fun pictures, but since it's 2 hours away, I'll be stuck with whatever pictures Winter manages to take on her disposable camera.

I know she'll have a blast. The only thing that worries me, is whether she'll be able to get to sleep at night. At home, with the AC at 84, she moans and complains that she's too hot. At the camp, she is sleeping in a little cabin, with 11 other girls, and no AC at all. Also, on the instructions it said to bring a sleeping bag, but there was no mention of sheets. The mattresses there were covered with plastic (I guess to keep them clean in case of bed wetting), so Winter is stuck laying on a hot sleeping bag. If only I could have packed her some sheets to sleep on! At least we did bring a little fan that she can put right next to her.


Amber said...

I too am jealous. I want to go to summer camp!

Majo said...

Ik vroeg me af hoe het met Winters kamp was afgelopen. Heeft ze het leuk gehad? En toch nog geslapen? En foto's gemaakt? Vriendinnetjes gemaakt?

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