Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jungle golf

We went to the most elaborate miniature golf course I've ever seen. This adventure golf course was jungle themed, and had some scary parts. Nancy's kids were so scared, that they left crying. (she consequently gave us their rainchecks) Ginger eyed the swinging monkeys, tarzan, tombs, and aligators with some extra attention.Since we weren't going for the best score, it was funny to watch the kids hit the ball over and over. Also, Ginger would hit it once, then pick it up from wherever it landed, and move it within 3 inches of the hole, and then putt it. Thanks Nancy, for a great adventure.


Nancy Sabina said...

I'm glad somebody could benefit from my kids' scaredy-cat-ness! Ginger is so cute in that first picture.

Majo said...

Leuk hoor! Hoe lang blijven jullie daar?

Amber said...

Ah mini golf. I keep meaning to take my girls, but I'm not quite sure they would be old enough. I can just picture Claire injuring someone with an unintentional swing of the club. But it looks like you guys had (and are having) a blast there!

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