Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mii like the Wii

Must find some way, some how to earn money to buy a Wii!

The Worths have a Wii, including a Wii fit. Wii sports alone is a cool way to get some exercise, but when you add the fit, it is "awesome" (in a Brooks voice). I have always been somewhat of a video game fanatic, so might as well put that enthusiasm towards a video game that makes me squeeze my bum, flex my biceps, and get my heart rate up.

Richard's gym has a raquetball court, so we were going to get up before all the kids do (iow crazy early), and play a few games. Unfortunately the gym wasn't open at 6am on a Saturday -go figure. Instead we did a quick bike ride. It was quicker than expected, because my butt and thighs were still tired froms last night's Wii lunges.

Now I just have to find some time to make up for lost sleep!


Amber said...

We don't have one, but oh how I want one! My brother brings his over whenever we have family gatherings and we all have a blast. I have never tried the Wii Fit. I suppose if I ever give in and buy one I will have to invest in that too!

Renee Campbell said...

Ha ha that's funny! Good to see you getting in a lot of blogging time in there. Are the kiddos ready to come home yet?

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