Thursday, September 4, 2008


I got an email from our adoption worker today, all it said was: You're verified!

When we arrived in Texas a little over a year ago, Joe and I started getting serious about our desires to adopt. We started our application process with LDS family services right away. We filled out the mountain of paperwork, and attended hours upon hours of "training". It took us only a few months to get everything done, and by January we were waiting. By the time April hit, we had reconsidered our options. We felt that since we already have 3 children, we would let those couples without kids, have the opportunity to adopt the much sought-after newborns.

I started researching Texas foster care adoption. Instead of going straight through CPS, we decided it would be better to choose a private agency to do our homestudy. It turns out, that the private agencies have much more time and less of a case load. I first emailed Pathways at the end of April. I signed up for their 5 full days of training immediately. We took our training in June. In the beginning of July, we had our homestudy. From this point on, we had done everything in our power and all we could do was wait. Our worker told us that the homestudy would be written up in July, and that we should be verified by the end of July, or at the latest the first week of August. I guess several people went on vacation in August, which is why we are just now, the first week of September, verified.

Now the real waiting begins. We have no idea how long it will take before we get a call with a potential placement. It could be tomorrow, or in 6 months. We are pretty age specific (under 1), but are very open to most other aspects (gender, race etc). Most of the time I am very patient, but then I have a weak moment once in a while, when I can't stop fantasizing about what kind of child we might be able to care for.


Amber said...

How exciting and scary and nerve wracking and wonderful all at once. I so admire you guys for doing this and I can't wait to hear all about it once a child is placed with your family!

Nancy Sabina said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear about your adventures and maybe welcome a new little soul into our family.

angela michelle said...

ooh--very exciting! Next time the phone rings it coud be big news!

Wendy said...

gefeliciteerd! Het is vast fijn om dat nu voor elkaar te hebben!! Ik ben blij dat jullie dit kunnen doen voor een kind (eren. Hou me maar op de hoogte!

deets said...

Congratulations! Sounds like we are in the same camp now. It sounds like it may work differently from state-to-state, but we are in conversation about some kids already. It is not totally clear that they will work out; we'll see... hopefully I will be writing more about where we are at in the process on Monday.

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