Thursday, September 25, 2008

6 orphaned kittens

My cat had her 2nd litter of cats almost 4 weeks ago. A pretty big litter this time: 6 kittens. She was being a great momma cat, until a few days ago when she disappeared. I have no idea what happened to her. I don't know if she got sick of being a mom, and just left, or if something killed her. Either way,... I'm stuck with 6 kittens that are not weaned, and are crying like crazy.I didn't actually consciously realize the momma cat was gone, until I went to put the chickens up tonight and I could hear yelling coming from the shop. I started calling the momma cat and put food out, but nothing. Then I decided that it was time to bring the kittens inside and try to feed them.

They are too young to really drink from a bowl. I don't have any provisions, so my friend suggested trying to feed them with a syringe. Some of the kittens are pretty good at this, but others totally don't get it. Since they are still so little, they have the need to suck, and have started sucking on each other. They seem to prefer one poor kitten, and I keep pulling her out of the pack, so they don't damage her skin or anything.

Joe is supposed to bring some kitten nipples home, and I hope that stops them from screaming so loud! They just won't stop! I feel sad for them, and yet can't really help them. On top of all this, we are leaving on our vacation in just 2 days. What am I going to do with them?? I need to find a foster mom cat, or just take them to the vet or something.

Update: A super nice lady from my church said she will take care of my kittens until we get back from vacation!


Will of the hill said...

You could bring them to my house--oh wait--I'm too far away

I wouldn't give them cows milk to start--it's not the same as their moms milk --it will give them upset tummies--formula or goats milk
After you feed them "groom" them like their mom would--it teaches them to be clean cats.

Do you guys have animal shelters near you .. you may be able to "foster care" them their until you get back from vacation,..they usually have wonderful volunteers.

At four weeks though they should be able drink from a bowl--if they don't keep trying --it is a learned skill-

-as far as sucking --I have a two year old cat that still does that--it's a comfort issue --If you give them a stuffed animal that is the same size and fluffiness of a cat they will suck on that instead--that's what our cat does when the boys aren't around to play with her.
Good luck lady!!

Nancy Sabina said...

Poor abandoned kitties. Good luck finding some way to care for them.

wannabee free said...

it must be kitten season. Everyone I know ( ok, exaggeration) is having litters pop up. how fun
It's almost tempting to get some kittens, but then you gotta pay to get them fixed and that adds up.

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