Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hair Salon

When I was 14, me and my friend Carla started cutting each other's hair. Mostly we just did trims, but I found that I enjoyed it, and that I had natural talent. In addition to my cutting my girlfriends' hair, I started cutting guy friends', my dad's, and missionaries hair as well.

Now that I have my own family I cut all of their hair. When Joe and I were dating I started cutting his hair. The only time it really mattered that I wasn't a professional was the day before our wedding. I let Joe talk me into doing it a different way, that his friends used, and I ended up cutting the sides way too short. This will be evident for the rest of my life, each time I look at our wedding photos.

I don't know exactly how much money I save each year by cutting my family's hair, but probably at least $150. Usually I still get my own hair cut at a salon, but after some disappointing cuts, I decided to just do it myself. So one day last week, I set up a chair in the bathroom, and converted it into a salon.

First I cut my own hair. I think I need to cut off a little more, because I was too conservative and still have some split ends. I just used 2 mirrors, and used similar techniques that hair dressers use (pulling my hair straight down etc). Then it was Sterling's turn. He and Winter had school pictures coming up, so he just got a quick trim. I let Winter take some pictures for me. It's funny to see what goes on behind my back!
The wallpaper is off in our bathroom, but we still haven't textured or painted

Then I cut Winter's hair. She really wanted me to cut a bob, but I decided to just trim about 5 inches instead. That way, I had less of a chance of messing up right before pictures. Now she still wants me to cut it off, so I might do that later this week.

Ginger and Joe still need to get their cut. Joe has been complaining about his hair. I think it looks better when it's a little longer on him. I just love those curls that show up when it's really long on toop. What do you think?


Nancy Sabina said...

Personally, I'm with you. I love the curls. But I do think they may him look a lot younger. So I guess that means it's up to him to decide if he wants to look younger or not.

Wendy said...

I Like the curls but I really like the short haircut the best. (first picture) Obviously it is up to Joe since it is his hair and you wouldn't want him to tell you how to or not to cut your hair...

Amber said...

This is a talent I have always wished I posses. My husband is too afraid of my lack of skills to let me anywhere near his hair (probably rightfully so!).

Jessica said...

Joe doesn't care either way. He just doesn't like it when the sides are longer. And Joe DOES tell me not to cut my hair. I figure in return I can decide what his haircut is.

wannabee free said...

I always loved Joe's 'wesley' look. ( see princess bride) But I do like the really short one too. I've never seen your hair so long! It seems strange! but beautiful.
I always cut my family's hair too, unfortunately, I don't get to go to a salon. I usually beg Abram or my mom to cut it.

Monica said...

Speaking of hair, yours is really long. I like curls too.

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