Thursday, September 18, 2008

Look Familiar?

I usually don't mind folding laundry. It's actually one of my favorite household chores. Reason? Because it's something I can do while watching TV, and it's clean. No germs, stains, filth, or wet rags involved. I just don't like it when it gets to this point. ( I think this is 5 or 6 big loads worth)

For the past few weeks I took a break from my coupon shopping, and delved into Disney research. As a result, my coupon binder was a mess. I still had to cut out several weeks worth of coupons, and sort them all into their appropriate sections of the binder. So instead of folding laundry while watching TV, I did coupons. I guess I need to watch more TV.....

Just as a bonus, a cute picture of Ginger brushing her teeth, in front of the mountains of laundry


Nancy Sabina said...

My Mom would die if she knew this, but that's how I always do my laundry. I wash it all one day and (usually) the next day fold it. So I always end up with a mountain.
I love that picture of Ginger! The pile of laundry almost looks like a colorful backdrop...until you look closely.

girlsmama said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one...sometimes we wear it before it even gets folded and put away. Shhhh...that's our little secret.

Wendy said...

jessica! Het is idd(inderdaat) goed om te zien dat er andere mensen zijn zoals ik. Vooral als ik kijk naar de blog van jouw schoonzussen! Die schrijven er altijd allerlei dingen op die zo geweldig zijn en over hoe goed ze er in zijn, en geven mij het gevoel dat ik een slechte moeder ben. Gelukkig sta jij stevig genoeg in je schoenen om lekker jezelf te zijn, maar als dat mijn schoonzussen waren dan zou ik echt problemen hebben met mijn zelfwaarde! Ik doe zo ook vaak mijn was. Al merk ik wel dat wanneer ik zoaf en toe een wasje tussendoor doe, ik niet zo vreselijk "overwhelmed" word.
Ginger is toch maar een heerlijk lekker ding!

Amber said...

Um, that is what my laundry pile looks like daily because I am absolutely against folding laundry. I would much rather clean toilets and scrub floors on my hands and knees. Strange I know, but I HATE folding laundry. If you lived closer we could switch chores. I would do all the filthy, germy wet rag chores and you could fold my laundry!!

Jessica said...

Amber - PLEASE move to Texas!!!

Wendy - ja, sommige van mijn schoonzussen vinden zichzelf aardig wat beter dan iedereen.

wannabee free said...

no fair writing in dutch!!!:)
your house always looks great, jessica.
cute kids blog too.
i'd like to see more pics of your house btw.

Jammie & Russell Elkins said...

O boy, does it ever! Laundry... I wish there were a laundry fairy... that would come while I am, or am not home and do the laundry. Any takers? :) I know there are some that enjoy it. But it is one of my challenges. Good to see I am am human.. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who had this problem. :) Miss you!

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