Monday, September 15, 2008

Communication and Technology

It's still early.
Before 8 am.
The phone rings.
My mind starts working.
Who is this?
Is something wrong with my kids?
Is someone in my family sick?
Was there some sort of accident?
Are they going to give us a kid?
I pick up, and say hello.
I hear "hello?"
It takes me a second, but then realize I know this voice.
Where from?
Ah! It's my uncle.... from Switzerland.
He has never called me before (when I say never, I mean never)
Is he coming to Texas to visit?
Did someone die?

Luckily nothing of that sort happened. He was actually worried about us, because of hurricane Ike, and called to make sure we are okay. This was so thoughtful. I think about family members and friends back in Europe all the time, but it never came to mind that they might be thinking about me too. Thanks!

Today's technology helps us tremendously with keeping in touch with loved ones. They are only 1 phone call, email, or text message away. The only downside is, that we often choose the easiest method of communication. (for me this is email) When was the last time I wrote someone a letter, or called a family member or friend on the phone? It's been too long.

Just as an update, the Ike tropical storm brought about 2" of rain, and some pretty hard winds. The only thing damaged was our mailbox. It was on it's way out anyways. It was held together by ducktape, lost it's door the last storm, and was a little crooked. Now it just lays there. On the ground. I guess I should do something about it before the mailman comes today, and wonders what to do with all of our "important" mail.

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The Bartel Bunch... said...

Man, now I feel lame for not calling! Opps! Well, glad everything is okay. I know that panicky feeling when you get a call from someone you haven't heard from in a while!

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