Monday, September 29, 2008

My feet hurt

My feet hurt. I don’t know how far we walked today, but it must have been at least 4 miles. According to all my research the best park for today was Epcot. So we headed out the door 2 minutes before schedule at 8.13am. When we got to the parking gate, I realized I left the tickets in the trunk. Only when I went to retrieve them, they were not there. I got all stressed, and started sweating. I did barely remember that I had taken “The Folder” out of the bag. So we headed back to the hotel. Now we were off schedule! Turns out that when you plan to be at the park 30 minutes early, you can still get there around opening time, even if you have to go back to your hotel for your tickets. Disaster diverted.

I had read somewhere that right opening time is a great time to meet some characters at the character spot. So we headed over there (after I quickly ran to get a “Soarin” Fastpass). We had to wait for only 5 minutes, before we could see Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Belle. My kids were going crazy!!! Even other parents and cast members were just laughing at the excitement of the kids. I was not prepared at all. We had bought some scrapbooks for autographs, but I had only gotten out 1 page. Well, since there were 5 characters, I needed 5 sheets. I was also manning the camera and trying to make sure the kids waited their turn and didn’t maul Goofy. When we finally made it out of there, it felt like I just ran a 10 mile race.

After the aquarium and Soarin, we headed over to the World Showcase. I made some passports for the kids, to be signed at each country. They also give the kids a mask they can decorate at each “Kidcot center”. I was surprised at how much they got into the mask thing, especially Sterling. About half-way through the countries, my feet started to complaining, so we decided to forego some of the live shows (that we would have had to wait for) and just proceeded all the way around the lake.

We met up with our friends in Norway, and rode the boat ride. Winter was going crazy over Braden. Braden is about a year older, and she just couldn’t stop hanging on him. It was fun, but crazy to try and rangle 7! Kids. We got back to the hotel by 4.30, and Joe and I have a dinner date tonight. The kids will stay with Tiffani’s sisters, and we get to enjoy Epcot for a few hours with adults only.

I am definitely wearing different shoes tonight, because my rip-off Walmart crocks are not agreeing with my feet right now.


Nancy Sabina said...

You're a brave woman.

Amber said...

Sounds like you guys had fun (despite the sore feet!). Best bit of advice I took when researching our trip to Vegas was to wear good shoes, even if they weren't stylish. All the websites said otherwise you would pay the next day. Glad I listened because I avoided the sore feet! Sorry to hear your shoes weren't what you thought they would be!

BigDaddy said...

Thanks for a totally fun date, guys. It was the first date Dave and I have had in almost a year. I'm glad we got to spend it with you:). Ahhh, what would we do without Joe's golden pants????

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