Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My ward put me in charge of the creche. What's that you say? I had never heard of it before I moved to Texas. For a week in December, our building has literally hundreds of nativity scenes setup. People from all faiths contribute and attend. On Friday night our ward has a little 45 minute program. Yep, 45 minutes. That would seem long. But it turns out that with all the different musicians to consider, the time fills up rather fast.

I have never organized such a program, so I automatically thought first of my cousin Remy. Remy is an uber-talented singer, organizer, and overall musical wiz. He was kind enough to send me a plethora of information and ideas. Now I just need to try and make everything fit in the time frame, and assign different pieces to different people.

Some are quite willing, other totally not. I have to say I am amazed at how many people refuse flat-out to participate. Since our ward is so small, I have limited resources as to musically talented people to begin with. The other thing that is tricky, is that the previous director used several other people from other churches. This is great, but I still want to make sure the program flows and fits together, so I need to carefully assign music to them. I think that in the past they have just been able to do whatever they want, and I just don't work like that.

Now I have my general program ready, and need to start contacting participants. Some won't be a problem, others will. Now I just need to practice... a lot!


Nancy Sabina said...

I love going to those Creches - but man would it be overwhelming to organize. Good luck!

angela michelle said...

Wow--that sounds like a huge project to organize! Good thing they gave you plenty of advance warning!

wannabee free said...

you're perfect for the job. You don't take no for an answer :)
I'm sure it will be wonderful.

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