Saturday, September 13, 2008


Living in Texas brings Hurricane watches with it. We aren't close enough to the coast to actually be in the middle of the hurricane, but we are close enough to get a good tropical storm out of it. Hurricane Ike hit Galveston and Houston early this morning, and did considerable damage. I feel bad for all of those people that had to leave their home, and just hope they would find it back in 1 piece.

The one clear effect the hurricane has here in North Texas, is a hike in gas prices. Thursday as I went into town, I saw gas for $3.39. I didn't really have time to get any, so on Friday afternoon I went to get some, and it had already jumped to $3.48. I thought I just needed to get to that other gas station, so I just put $50 in the suburban (about half full). By Friday night it was up to $3.59. Since I have a half a tank, I decided to just wait until I'm on empty again. Today on the news they showed that the gas is currently $3.99 at some gas stations, and that others have totally run out.

This just goes to show how much control the gas stations have over the price of gas. If they could sell it for $3.39 two days ago, it didn't all of a sudden cost them $0.60/gallon more now. They don't expect the prices to get back to normal for at least a few days, if not a few weeks. I guess I won't be driving much in the next few days/weeks!

Our area is supposed to get 2-4" of rain, with 40-60 miles/hour winds. We had 1 really bad storm in the spring, that tore off parts of houses and sheds, but I have no idea whether that storm was more or less severe than this one. I guess we can just hope for the best, and stay inside. When I just went outside a few minutes ago, the rain was coming down consistently, but not pouring yet. I'm just glad we don't live closer to the coast, where hurricanes keep hitting, year after year.


Nancy Sabina said...

Baten down the hatches and hunker down! Stay safe and keep us posted.

Amber said...

So how did it turn out? Everyone and everything survive okay? That stinks about the gas prices. We heard on the news that gas prices could jump so we gassed up both vehicles before it hit. We haven't seen much of a price jump here, but really I haven't paid much attention because I haven't needed gas!

Anonymous said...

boy, that sounds cheap!! The best price I've seen around here for ages is 3.77. And that is a GREAT price for this neck of the woods. the average price is about 3.89.
idaho has reportedly the highest prices. i find that hard to believe, but that's what I heard.

Rebecca said...

I'm with the previous commenter! That's cheap. It's $4.15 up here in Chicagoland.

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