Saturday, September 6, 2008

one extreme to the other

After not doing any kind of exercise for months, I have swung the opposite way in the past 2 days. Yesterday I decided I should really start doing my step video again, so I did that for 30 minutes. I used to be able to do it for over an hour, but I guess I have to build up to that again.

This morning I went to the Gym with my mother-in-law. We went into this really cool "cinema workout" room which has a bunch of machines (eliptical, treadmill, bikes). The room is set up like a movie theater, with a large screen and surround sound. It's almost pitch black, and there are 6-8 rows of machines. The Bourne Identity was the movie that was playing. We watched the last 30 minutes of it, and then the first 30 minutes. I think if I worked out there a lot, I would go right as the movie started, so I could watch the whole thing. (maybe not quite that long).

After an hour of eliptical, I had some lunch and a 15 minute nap. Then it was off to volleyball. When we first got here, I played with Plano 8th ward (in-laws ward). We had a lot of fun last year! So my friend Tobi invited me to come back and practice with them. The tournament will be in October, hopefully I can participate in that too.

Now the only thing my legs want to do is sit. Put my feet up. Maybe tomorrow they won't even work at all...


Nancy Sabina said...

The Cardio Theatre is pretty cool, huh? That's what converted me when Ang took me. I wish they had that in the gym here, but alas - I have to settle for my MP3 player.

Amber said...

Yeah for exercise! That theater sounds awesome. I hate running on the treadmill because I get so board. That would be amazing!

wannabee free said...

sounds like fun. working out with your mom in law, cool! You're lucky you can go to a gym and only have one kid to put in day care. Are you sure you want to adopt? ;) your life is just getting 'good' again. hah ha!

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