Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweater weather?

It felt wonderfully cool out last night, so we took advantage of the opportunity, and opened all the windows. Growing up in Holland, I have come to like sleeping in a cool room. Even if it gets up to 90 in the summer, it still cools off to 60 at night. Here in Texas.... not so much. During July and August, it goes down from about 105 to 80 degrees, meaning you still have to run the AC all night long.

This morning when I got up to get the kids ready for school (6.15am), I actually felt cold. I loved it. I grabbed a sweater and some socks (what are those things?) and am enjoying this a lot. The kids thought it was fun too, to be able to wear sweaters to the bus stop. Sterling put on one of his new sweaters, and was so excited about the hoody, and the pockets. He looks like a real bandit. Of course I realize that this cool temperature will only last a few hours, until the sun starts beating on the house, but heh, it's fun while it lasts.


Nancy Sabina said...

It's always so nice to have a change. At the end of winter we'll all be so happy to take those sweaters off and go bare-armed. But for now...I love sweaters too.

Amber said...

I too am so excited to pull out the sweaters! Don't get me wrong I love and will miss summer, but I am ready for some chilly mornings!

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