Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Maybe I have some kind of disease, like obsessive compulsive disorder. Whenever I start doing some silly little ritual, or any other thing, I can't stop. I will spend hours on mindless, wasteful activities, as well as good activities including:
- cutting split ends of my hair
- plucking my leg hairs 1 by 1
- reading 4 vampire books in 4 days
- planning and researching vacations, products, and generally anything else that I get excited about
- comparing product prices for days, when I'm shopping. For example, I just purchased a new video camera on Ebay. I spent about 3 day trying to figure out which type, model, and brand to get. Then I spent another few days bidding, losing, bidding some more, and eventually buying one. Now if only it would get here already.
- Some times I go through a sewing phase, where I won't stop until the item is finished. Other hobbies have the same effect on me.

Whenever I get really excited about something, I start doing happy dances. I guess I do it often enough, that my kids now do the same thing when they get really excited about something. It includes clapping, dancing, squealing, and barely able to contain myself from leaping and screaming for joy.

The problem with this obsessive compulsive behavior is, that I lay aside any and all other responsibilities. (except of course taking care of my babies). Other non-essential things like cleaning, cooking, bathing, and such go to the waste side. Just think about all the other stuff I could done, if I could balance my life a little better! And if only I could become obsessive compulsive about cleaning, cooking, and service! Then I would truly be super mom.


Jen said...

I just found your blog randomly. I busted out laughing about you OCD because I've done a few of the same things. It's like you were inside my head.

Have a great day!

Nancy Sabina said...

I get like that about jewelry - dreaming it, making it, shopping for it, non-stop for days. Then other times I don't do it for a week.
But, in my totally-not-professional are nowhere near OCD. I think we all have some OCD-like tendencies and they are good for us in some ways. Like you said, if you harnassed that power for good, you could get some serious stuff done!

Amber said...

I have some of these same tendencies! I think they are normal (well normal enough). I don't cut off split ends but I could pick at them for hours. That is why I have to get a trim often or I would be wasting endless hours doing just that! I cannot however relate when it comes to happy dances. I might have to mock you endlessly because of that new bit of knowledge!

Anonymous said...

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