Saturday, July 19, 2008


Last night we went with all of Joe's family to a rodeo. It was a lot of fun. We had great seats in the middle and close to the front. Joe's mom bought all matching cowboy hats for the kids, and bandannas for everyone.At one point they invited all kids age 8 and under to go into the arena. They did some silly songs and then they released 2 young calfs, who had some kind of tag on them. The idea was for the kids to try and catch them. It was hilarious to see a mob of kids running from one side of the arena to the other.
Another crazy thing was a monkey riding on a dog. It was a pretty cute little act. The monkey (really it's trainer) would steer the dog and herd some sheep into a little pen.I just kept thinking how I should get another horse. What if I lived here in Texas for 10 years, and move away without enjoying horseback riding while I can? This time when I buy one though, I'll make sure I test ride it several times so it's a good match for me (and not end up with a crazy horse). My neighbor Tina, who sold us the house, has several horses for sale. One of them is very mellow, and I think I might ask her if I can ride her one of these days.


Wendy said...

How fun!! The kids look so cute, and BIG!!!! I remember when we went to the rodeo here in boise when we were kids that was fun!!
Miss you guys!

Amber said...

You guys look so cute in your rodeo garb! What a fun family night idea!

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