Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cousins Galore

This summer we will have many opportunities to get to know our extended family better. Joe's sister Angela will be here for at least 3 weeks. She has 5 kids, so our kids have many cousins to play with. This morning Angela came over with 4 of her kids and another (Allred) cousin. We had fun in the pool, and I was glad to have a couple extra pairs of floaties and life jackets. Then we made some quesadillas for lunch. It occurred to me that if I had 8 kids, I would have to make that much food for every meal!! I think I'll stick with 4 or 5. It was fun though, and now all the big kids have crashed to watch a movie. Angela is getting some work done, so it's all quiet in the house. (not that Angela is normally loud :).


Nancy Sabina said...

I wanna come!

Ruthie said...

That picture is so great! What a happy cousin love fest!

angela michelle said...

Thanks for hosting! It was fun to ee the farm.

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