Friday, July 18, 2008

Male or Female

Yesterday our last kittens we picked up. I overheard a lady in church say that she was looking for chickens, so I jumped and offered her mine. I had kind of given up getting rid of them, because they were getting a little too old for giving to new people (11 weeks or so). I was a little sad to see my white kitten go, because she was so pretty, but the fact was that she was just not friendly! She would always run away if we came outside and hide. So now we are down to just 2 cats. Brownie and Blackie. (original names, I know)

I just spent an hour outside with my chickens. We got a batch of chicks back in February and me and a friend split them. We randomly picked ours out, and guess what? I ended up with all the roosters. We were going to trade to make it equal, but before we could do that, all her chickens died. So now, out of the 10 that are left over, 8 are roosters and only 2 are hens. I went out there and tagged all of the roosters, by putting a little zipty around one of their legs. I think I'll try to sell the roosters on craigslist for a little while, before I just slaughter them. It just makes me mad to think that I could have had 4 more egg layers by now. I did buy 2 more batches of hens (19 total) a little while ago, but it will be several more months before they start laying.
Joe also brought home 2 roosters a while back. The plan is to keep only 3 roosters, which means that 7 roosters will either be sold or eaten within the next few weeks. Now I just need to do some research on how to kill/pluck a chicken. These 3 roosters are the roosters I am planning to keep.
Our turkey came in the same batch as a bunch of chickens, and she really thinks she is one of them

Current Animal Count:
2 cats
1 dog
37 chickens
1 turkey
3 cows
5 sheep
6 goats

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Chickens, goats, cows- Oh my!!!!

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