Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ginger - She's Tough

Ginger really is about the toughest little girl I have ever seen. She probably fits in best here at the ranch than any of the other kids. She runs around barefoot, grabs crickets and even spiders, runs-wipes-out-gets-up-and-keeps-going, catches minnows in the fishtank on the dock, splashes water, plays with chickens, and in general is just plain like a big kid. She rarely cries - even when she takes a pretty good hit (elbow to the head on accident, crash & burn, whatever...) and at age 3, she can walk all the way from one end of the 20 acres to the other on a rabbit hunt (at adult pace) with nary a complaint. She is super tough, but she is also super-sweet. She is never short on big hugs or kisses, she has a great sense of humor and is really pleasant to be around.

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angela michelle said...

What a cute little description. I'm glad Ginger has some sweetness to go with all that toughness.

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