Sunday, July 27, 2008

Should I wear a ski mask?

I felt like I robbed the grocery story last night! Anja and I went shopping, and wanted to show up at the CVS right as the new sale started to make sure the items would be in stock. (the sale started at midnight). So we left at 7.30pm, and did all the other stores first. This was by far the best shopping trip I have ever done! Look at all the stuff I gotI was going to do a fun poll on my blog to see how much you think I spent on this, but to be honest, I can't wait to tell you!
Here's a breakdown by store
Total bill: $73.13
Kroger card savings: $17.60
Coupons: $43.45
Rebates: $10.78
OOP: $1.30
Total bill: $26.17
Albertsons savings: $12.50
Coupons: $3.25
OOP: $10.42
Total bill: $33.47
Coupons: $14.76
total after coupons: $18.71
Used 10 ecb (extra care bucks) + $8.71 cash
Received 20 ecb
Total OOP: FREE + $1.29
Total bill: $25.48
Coupons: $17.00
OOP: $11.48
Grand total $ 18.91
88.1% savings
Now, you have to know this took a lot of planning, coordinating, and patience. But, for all of you who question if this is all worth it, let me just say heck YES! This kind of thing give me a total adrenaline rush, plus it saves us money! At checkout, the receipt total is usually pretty good, and then they start taking off the coupons, and the total becomes amazing. Yesterday I was amazed they didn't owe me money at some of the stores (actually, Walgreens did owe me money, but unfortunately they don't give money away to people taking stuff from their store.


Nancy Sabina said...

Holy crap.

Wendy said...

so again... you need to let me know how you do this exactly

Amber said...

This is simply amazing. I might try my hand at this if I can get organized! It would be awesome to save this much money!

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