Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We need you!

Joe, please come home! We need you, we want you, we can't live without you!
My DH (dear husband) has a job which requires him to travel. Since we moved to Texas the amount of time that he is gone has gone down, but it is still all together too much. These past few weeks have been especially bad. Last week he made his weekly trip to Chicago, to check on his maintenance crew there. That was fine. I am used to 2-3 day trips every month or so. But then his stupid manager decided to quit the day after he left, so he had to go back there on Sunday. He's been gone for 3 days now, and won't come back until tomorrow! We haven't left the house at all during this time. I am starting to feel a little restless, but tomorrow we are planning to go into town, so I am not making that trip today. If only the geo worked....
We have our thermostat set to 83 degrees, to save on air conditioning costs, but during lunch I was feeling especially hot. I turned on the fan, and tried to ignore the heat. After a while it got so unbearable, that I went to turn down the AC. No wonder I was sweating: it was 86! For some reason the AC unit wasn't turning on, even though it was several degrees hotter. I was about to retreat to the other side of the house (the bedroom side has a seperate AC unit), but about 10 minutes later the AC started working again. It just got me to thinking: if the AC stops working al together, I would HAVE to seek refuge somewhere else! It's so hot here, right now, that in the middle of the night it doesn't go below 80 degrees! The heat hasn't really bothered me, and I am adjusting quit well, but when the AC stops working... that's another story.


Nancy Sabina said...

Oh I feel for ya, Jessica. I know it sucks when hubby is gone. Hang in there and he'll be home soon!

Amber said...

I soo hate it when Mark is gone too! I mean I think we are both strong capable women, it is just so much easier when the boys are around! Maybe just for sanity purposes and reinforcement. Mark leaves for 2 days next week to give a polygraph in northern Idaho and I'm already dreading it!

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