Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family of 8

In keeping with summer routine, we have had some cousins staying with us. Generally we keep switching and swapping every day. Friday until Sunday we Levi. Sunday until Monday we had Christopher and Logan, while Sterling stayed behind in Plano. From Monday until today we had Roscoe and Logan here and Sterling went back down again. This afternoon we have had an especially full house with Roscoe, Logan, Levi, and all of our own kids. Having 6 kids in the house, ages ranging 13 to 2, got me to wondering what our family will look like 7 years from now (when Winter will be 13. Winter would be 13, Sterling 12, Ginger 10, and ?? who know who else we'll have. Today I could see how having 6 kids wouldn't be as crazy as I had originally thought. The older ones generally help out with the little ones, and even when they don't, at least they take care of themselves. The one thing that would just be crazy is the amounts of food consumed. Already with 3 kids ages 6 and under, we spent more than I dare to admit on groceries every month.
We had a lot of fun though. We played several games, went swimming, and the kids did some exploring on the farm. Now, after a long day, I am getting lazy tired, and turning on a movie, because even though supermom would do a craft or something, I am simply ordinary.


Amber said...

Truth be told, even supermom would be exhausted after a day with 6 kids. She just probably wouldn't have the guts to admit it! :)

angela michelle said...

True, you don't have to dress and wipe the big ones--but you have to do merit badges and homework projects and sports and lessons....and feed them!

Todd and Amyjoy said...

Six kids. Can't imagine. I can barely and I mean barely keep up with our four. they are 7,5,3,1.
I agree, as they get older, you still have to help them, just with different things.
This summer has been crazy with four at home. I am having fun and we do summer school and crafts, just not everyday. Some days they have cereal for dinner. It is hard to meet all their individual needs. But we keep trying.
:) Add in callings, lessons, exercise, and cleaning. Whew!

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